Even Dan sees Edward/Seth

I don't know if any of you read Blogging Twilight by Dan on Spark Notes (you totally should if you dont!)... but he updated today (he's on Breaking Dawn now). Well he found it weird how close Edward and Seth are suddenly.

Edward takes Bella to a mysterious location for their honeymoon.

EDWARD: OK, Lamb. Are you reading for the surprise?
BELLA: Mmm-hmm!
EDWARD: We're going to Spain!
BELLA: Oh my! That's amazing!
EDWARD: It's going to be so much fun. I rented an entire village for us. Seth is there already, getting things ready. It has a pool and—
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Twilight Land - An Interactive Gaming Comm


I'd like to invite you to join a interactive gaming community based on the Twilight movie/book series where three teams compete against each other doing challenges to see who can get the most pts in a round. The three teams are Team Humans, Vampires and Werewolves though the community and challenges are based on all the books/movies.

Join us today! - twiland

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drabble: they keep killing seth (edward/seth, g)

Title: They Keep Killing Seth
Author: mahmfic
Pairing(s): Edward/Seth
Rating: G
Word Count: 103
Warnings: Spiritual/Supernatural/Afterlife. Implied slash.
Notes: Originally written for b_o_w_a who requested Edward/ Seth and "It's a mystery how you can be everywhere but here" at the Twilight Uncanon Drabble-A-Thon (held at karmicsunshine).
Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight.
Summary: It's a mystery how you can be everywhere but here.

meet a vampire, wolf and a human - uk fan event next month! <3

Twilight Proms is an unofficial UK Twilight event. There are two separate events, and these are:
Friday 18th - Saturday 19th of September 2009 at The Hilton Metropole Hotel, London
& Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th of September 2009 at The Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham NEC

The guests for this event are: Kellan Lutz 'Emmett Cullen', Chaske Spencer 'Sam Uley' (Making his first ever UK appearance) and Jose Zuniga 'Mr. Molina'.

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For more information on these, check out the official website: TWILIGHT PROMS!