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Drabbles: "Don't you dare" & "It's your life"

Fulfilling various drabble requests here and here.

Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Edward/Seth, Jacob/Paul
Prompt: “Don’t you ever dare to imprint, Seth. Don’t you dare.”

Edward leaned against the wall of Seth’s house watching the two wolves walk along the beach. He crossed his arms over his chest with a scowl. Jacob had been his and now he was watching him walk closely with the hot head wolf, Paul. No one could explain why the imprint had taken so long to manifest but now it couldn’t be denied.

Seth popped open a can of soda as he joined Edward leaning against the wall of his house. “You should stop staring. It’s not going to change anything,” he stated.

Edward growled looking over at the younger wolf. “Seth…”


Edward turned and pinned Seth to the wall, the can of soda falling to the ground. Seth’s head went blank as Edward pinned his hands to the wall on either side of his head. Wide brown eyes stared into Edward’s dark gold ones.

“Don’t you ever dare imprint, Seth. Don’t you dare.”

Seth swallowed and struggled to find his voice for a moment. Finally a small smile worked its way to his lips. “Too late.”

Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Edward/Seth
Prompt: For once in your life

Seth followed Edward, like the puppy the pack always said he was, as he ran errands for each member of his family. Given, Edward had invited him to come along. He still didn’t understand it.

Carlisle could have easily picked up the package that had arrived for him at the post office. Esme could have gotten the book she wanted delivered to the house instead of the store (in Seattle where Edward had gone to get it). Rosalie could have picked up her new dress from the seamstress. Emmett could have gotten the parts for his latest project. Alice could have gotten whatever was in that box for Jasper. And Jasper could have gotten himself a new cowboy hat. But no, they had Edward getting everything.

Seth bit his lip as he glanced at Edward as he drove. Edward’s eyes were black; they had been for the past few days. He was worried about the vampire.

Edward sighed. “You don’t have to worry about me Seth. Carlisle has taught me nearly perfect control over my urges.”

“I would still feel better if we went hunting tonight.”

“I can’t, I have to…”

“Screw the family!” Seth exclaimed turning to face Edward. The vampire blinked in surprise and pulled off the side of the road.


“No! For once in your life do something for you! Screw everyone else!”

Edward stared at Seth for a moment before he leaned forward and captured Seth’s lips. Seth made a surprised sound but didn’t pull back from the kiss. He was actually relaxing into it and starting to enjoy it when Edward pulled away. Seth had never seen Edward look so hungry. “That’s completely for me,” Edward stated.
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